As a coach, I will guide you in your process to find your blind spots. A blind spot is a habit or way of behaving that everyone knows about you or your work …but somehow YOU don’t. Identifying your blind spot will help you recognize when your behaviour is being dictated by it and can help you overcome it. With integrity, authenticity and confidence. It will make you more consistent, more focused and more attractive. That’s why some of us call it Life-Coaching.

During one-on-one sessions, which are personal conversations, we will explore your ideas, your resistance, search where you (possibly) sabotage yourself and challenge the blind spots. Through practical assignments, I will put your ideas into motion while YOU connect the dots. Revealing your true passions. Call it teamwork.

Every session will be different and sort of a surprise. Because nobody is the same. We are all unique. Therefore, I believe in a personal approach, where sessions are organic, customized to your situation and adapted to your flow. Because that’s how we roll.

Coaching meetings are 1,5 hours long, on location (in West, Central Station or Vondelpark) or Skype.

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